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The Whole Thing with Food – Whole30 Kick Off

Remember that crazy time last year when we got into all that calorie-counting and trying to eat healthy?Well, that didn’t work. We went back to our regular “almost-a-pack-of-Oreos-in-a-sitting”-old habits. [Shocker.] Diet #1 — a little refresher I went into the whole deal about my concern with eating to run, and then we tried four […]

Nutrition Overhaul: Week 4

Week 4 concluded the big nutrition overhaul month, and we have both definitely learned a lot in the past 30 days. Ultimately, this experiment led to multiple discoveries, which are so basic but we obviously forgot:   Have a plan Basically, I know what I’m going to be eating for the day. This doesn’t mean […]

Join me: Pinterest Food Challenge

Wow – Week 3 of the nutrition overhaul was a big week! I spent a good amount of the week seeking out new recipes. Just as I (re)discovered my “Eat This, Not That!” books last time, duh! I know there are recipes for low-calorie, wholesome, and (most important of all) delicious food out there. Ones […]