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The Epic Roadtrip

Hello again, my favorites, and greetings from California! I accepted a new position within my company in January, and it’s based in Southern California. I’m 2 weeks into the new job, new people, and new office and am loving it so far. I’m writing this post to tell you all about the trip here! The […]

We Made Fat Heads

Well hello there– and thanks for standing by, because it has been a crazy few weeks. Now that the holidays are here we can actually relax! Today we’re going to talk about fatheads. Are you familiar? It’s a giant head. Literally. Back in September, Ben and I traveled up to Michigan to watch Chris, Chris, […]

Place and Time

The other day, Ben and I were traveling to Los Angeles to manage a cross country race. It was a beautiful morning flight! When our plane arrived, the pilot came onto the intercom to tell us that an incident had occurred at the airport about 15 minutes prior. We weren’t able to get off of […]

Tahoe Wednesday and Thursday

Hey again! Before I completely forget, I’m uploading some photos from our jaunt with Eric & Anne (Wednesday). We went to the beach at Sand Harbor. It’s funny… it was kind of chilly this morning, but by the time we got out to the beach, it was TOASTY!! Fortunately the water was ice-cold. We stood […]

To Tahoe!

Hello friends, and greetings from Tahoe City, CA! If you haven’t caught up with us just yet, we’re in the Lake Tahoe area because BEN’S RUNNING WESTERN STATES IN THREE DAYS!! Race week(end) is coming! This is also a friends-cation for us– not only are Mama and Papa Bartley coming, but our friends Maria and […]

Dear Steph – Indianapolis Edition

I got an email from my friend, Katie, the other day. Katie’s the best! And hilarious. She lives and works in Texas, but is one of my best girls from college.She wrote: I am working on pulling together a “Welcome to Indianapolis” wedding present for my friends who are moving there. Gift certificates for cool things to do. […]