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Red Eye Relay Eve

Warning: a lot of randomness in this post. In less than 24 short hours, we’re going to be running the Red Eye Relay! 52 miles, 21 legs, 104 miles, 2 people. YES. Now that it’s relay day eve, it’s starting to occur to us that we need to get ready. Are you ready to experience […]

Birds, Runs, and Dogs

We are technologically savvy now. Sorta. BartleysRun – Ben and Steph! – is officially on Twitter. Follow us! Red Eye Relay: We’re in!! And WISH US LUCK.  104 miles 2 of us 21-ish relay legs 52-ish miles each ONE NIGHT! We will be attempting the Red Eye Relay in the Superhuman division.In the past, we’ve done this with a team […]