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Holy Heartbreak!

You guys, it’s almost time for Boston! Besides accidentally cancelling our hotel rooms, it’s all been been smooth sailing. All of the Boston Qualifiers were featured in the Herald Times last week! If you didn’t see it, here’s the spread: Yay Mag 7! Thanks!! And as more of a sidenote, below is my “vintage” post-battle photo […]

Racing Stripes

Earlier this week, thanks to Dr. Mandy Smith at Bloomington Sports and Wellness, I got my racing stripes!!She taped me pret-ty good with RockTape, better known as KinesioTape (actually, KinesioTape is to elastic therapeutic tape as Kleenex is to tissue. Make sense? It’s a brand name). It comes in a bunch of different colors, but […]

An Original Poem

A Wintery Bloomington Scamper At the 2:30 hour of a snow stormy night,I rush out the door with a car not in sight.I run down the street with an ear-to-ear grin,Snow hits my face as I soak it all in. I head towards the campus to see who is out,It’s mostly plow trucks thrashing about.As […]