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I’ve been feeling really tired when I run. I’ve been meaning to write about this, and almost a full year later, this topic is becoming relevant again.Sometime last year I started the every day is run day streak, where I ran every single day of the year. Well, I tried to. I didn’t make it due […]

MAF Test #1 (Run Slower!)

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon an intriguing article by someone whose opinion I highly value, Dr. Mark Cuccazella. I had the pleasure of meeting him, without knowing who he was, at the Newton Retail Summit the previous year and what he had to say helped me make better sense of the pros of […]

The Running Playlist

Hello friends! Today I’m writing from a hotel in Fort Wayne! I had a nice long drive up here and plenty of “windshield time” to think. Sometimes it’s about dumb stuff. Ok, usually it’s about dumb stuff… today, I was inspired to write a new blog post about the music on my running playlist. Back in the […]

Running After Injury

I don’t always come back to running from an injury the smartest possible way. After the mysterious RER foot injury, it’s still uncertain what was actually wrong with me. We did get to pay some awesome bills for my x-rays and MRI. The MRI was actually pretty cool because I got to take home a DVD […]

Red Eye Relay Eve

Warning: a lot of randomness in this post. In less than 24 short hours, we’re going to be running the Red Eye Relay! 52 miles, 21 legs, 104 miles, 2 people. YES. Now that it’s relay day eve, it’s starting to occur to us that we need to get ready. Are you ready to experience […]

Birds, Runs, and Dogs

We are technologically savvy now. Sorta. BartleysRun – Ben and Steph! – is officially on Twitter. Follow us! Red Eye Relay: We’re in!! And WISH US LUCK.  104 miles 2 of us 21-ish relay legs 52-ish miles each ONE NIGHT! We will be attempting the Red Eye Relay in the Superhuman division.In the past, we’ve done this with a team […]