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The Running Playlist

Hello friends! Today I’m writing from a hotel in Fort Wayne! I had a nice long drive up here and plenty of “windshield time” to think. Sometimes it’s about dumb stuff. Ok, usually it’s about dumb stuff… today, I was inspired to write a new blog post about the music on my running playlist. Back in the […]

Running After Injury

I don’t always come back to running from an injury the smartest possible way. After the mysterious RER foot injury, it’s still uncertain what was actually wrong with me. We did get to pay some awesome bills for my x-rays and MRI. The MRI was actually pretty cool because I got to take home a DVD […]


Yesterday we went to the BARA Tuesday night track workout. It had to be over 85 degrees by the time we arrived at the IU Outdoor track at 7:30pm, and no one in the small group that did show up seemed motivated to run much/hard in the heat. (and it’s not looking like this heat wave […]

Heavy Stuff

It started a few weeks ago. Ben found a near-scientific calculator that shows you your best possible mile, 5k, half marathon, marathon, etc. race time based on outdoor temperature, body weight, and your current PR in any distance.Are you familiar with the McMillan pace calculator? You give this calculator your best time, and it tells […]

National Running Day

Because National Running Day is tomorrow, it’s time to share (via 10 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day. Big fan of #2… why can’t we do that every day a la New Yorkers? Remember, if you’re in Btown, come celebrate with us! Meet at 6pm at the Sample Gates. Bring friends or family – raffle […]