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January Bidness

Where has the month gone?! So many new things and changes this month… all for the better. We’ve gotten better at running have some new toys. Oh- and we even had a cat for a while there!Here are the highlights: 1. We’re still hanging onto our New Years resolutions.  First off, we’ve never made NY […]

A New Story

Hey everybody! We’ve spent the last few weeks just sitting around – literally – since our triathlon, but now it’s time to get in gear. What’s new? The NYC Marathon is coming up in November… it’s coming too fast! We plan to run this as a long run and enjoy the scenery, rather than racing […]


Hi hi, Steph here (again). Happy Memorial Day! What’s new with us? Yesterday we went to the Indy 500 with Jaz, Mom, and Enrique. It was fun! My ears are still ringing (36 hours later), and as a “safety person,” I’m kind of freaked out. Besides that, the race was a good time; JR Hildebrand, […]

People Know Me?

“…I’m kind of a big deal.”  -Ron Burgundy, AnchormanBefore I post the Boston trip recap, check out one of the publications that came out right before our little vacation. It’s an article in the Running Times, a magazine by Rodale (publisher of Runner’s World), which focuses more on the athletes, elites, real training, and apparently […]