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You’re Not Good Enough – Six Types of Runners on Social Media

You’re not good enough. You’re not fast enough, you’re not pretty enough, and you definitely don’t look as fit as that person over there. Maybe it’s because racing season is upon us. My Strava and Facebook feeds have been flooded lately with comments, titles, and posts that are so self-deprecating that I absolutely needed to write […]

Routine in ’15: Check-in #1

Ahh, the moment of truth – remember those 2015 goals? I haven’t forgotten them. Here’s my “weigh-in:” [Source] 1) Reduce the amount of stress in my life. STATUS: IN PROGRESS Completed 2 out of 3 one-on-one wellness coaching sessions, which were actually really productive! Finished 2 of 6 stress management online courses. Scheduling massages around 2-3 times per month (as budget/time […]