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Blog Buddies

Is it just me, or are we bloggin’ fools lately? I love it! This conversation started when EHaz decided that she had a LOT of running nuggets (of wisdom?) worth sharing and it was time to unleash her fury into the blogosphere. She’s not the only one, though. This Btown running crew’s already killing it with […]

Brand Spankin’ New

Bartleys Run has a new look!Since I’m taking a drastic down week from running, I suddenly have so much free time to nerd out on my computer. As you’ve probably noticed, I took this opportunity to update the design and images on Bartleys Run to be a little bit more… us. Not gonna lie, I […]

January Bidness

Where has the month gone?! So many new things and changes this month… all for the better. We’ve gotten better at running have some new toys. Oh- and we even had a cat for a while there!Here are the highlights: 1. We’re still hanging onto our New Years resolutions.  First off, we’ve never made NY […]