Hi! We’re Ben & Steph. We’re a couple of ultra runners, married since 2008, and are parents to two fur babies named Todd and Toby.


We met when Ben joined the Executive Board of a running organization that I (Steph) was on. It was not love at first sight, but after over a year of being acquaintances and at our second meeting, we got to know each other better. Then sparks flew and things moved pretty naturally and quickly! We got married on 08-08-08 in a small ceremony, and lived on the West side of Indianapolis for two years. In 2010, we sold the Indy house and moved to Bloomington so we could be closer to his work and family. At the beginning of 2014, we decided to take a leap of faith and I accepted a work promotion in sunny Orange County, California. It’s been a long process of getting settled, but we love our new surroundings, the running, and the friends we’ve made. It’s exciting to think of all the adventures that await!

We’re busybodies — there’s always something going on around here, but when we have free time, we’re out playing in the park with the puppy, traveling (we take regular trips to the mountains), or stand-up paddle boarding.

We started this blog in 2010. Since running is a big part of our lives, we named it Bartleys Run… that’s what we do! But, you won’t all find running-related chatter on here. BartleysRun is a glimpse of our adventures, life, travel, and everyday happenings. Oh, and occasionally dumb stuff.

So, we hope you’re both entertained and inspired each time you visit BartleysRun.
Enjoy and stop back soon!