Holiday Gift Guide for the Whole30 and Paleo Foodie

Hey there, Whole30 friends!!

Gift Guide Paleo Whole30 Gifts

I started this as a Christmas wish list on my phone, but I just realized that it’d make a good gift guide! Over the past few years of living and eating Whole30 & Paleo, I’ve made some killer progress at reducing antibodies & healing Hashimoto’s (autoimmune hypothyroidism) almost completely to remission, and I’ve done it with a food-as-medicine Whole30 / Paleo approach. Now that it’s gift-giving time, I’ve had my eye on some helpful supplies and tips that have gotten me healthier, saved me a boatload of time, or just made me feel fancy. :)

Here are some of the things that’ll take your Whole30 & Paleo gifting game to the next level this holiday season:

The AIP Instant Pot Cookbook ($17.95)

I’m suuuuuuuper picky about my cookbooks, but the Paleo AIP Instant Pot Cookbook is a killer collection of worth-it InstantPot recipes by Paleo foodies all over blogland. Swedish meatballs, BBQ pulled chicken, pork vindaloo, vegetable curry soup, sticky date pudding…. all of the recipes have simple ingredients and look amazing. Lazy-cook approved! Even if you’re not eating AIP (autoimmune protocol), you’ll find plenty of yum in here.

I really wish this was a hard-cover book, but from what I’ve seen in the cookbook & recipe previews, this compilation is amazing enough to suck it up as an e-book. What’s not to love about a complete nutritious meal that USUALLY takes hours, done in a matter of minutes? Heck yes. {I’m sure these could be done in a slow cooker too!}

Instant Pot 7-in-1 ($129)


Speaking of lazy cook… for those who don’t have an Instant Pot: What if bone broth, slow cooker stew, or pulled pork could be done in an hour? What if you didn’t need to prepare or plan for dinner after a long workday? It sounds like an AWESOME dream, but the future is today!!! I got mine on crazy sale when it was an Amazon lightning deal (it occasionally goes on sale throughout the year for times like Black Friday/Cyber Monday). Pressure cookers these days aren’t as explosion-risk scary as they used to be.

I haven’t actually used it for bone broth much but it has come in handy when I thought I had no food in the fridge and found some old frozen {insert animal protein name here} in the freezer. I threw it into the Instant Pot with some veggies and seasonings, and boom – cooked through & complete meal in 40ish minutes. Since it’s a 7-in-1, I got rid of my slow cooker to clear up counter space. Worth every penny!

Sur La Table Stainless Measuring Cups & Spoons ($65 & $16)

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Maybe it’s from watching cooking shows as a kid, but I just have this idea in my head that if you use stainless-anything in your kitchen, you fancy!

I have the $2 set of plastic measuring spoons and cups from Ikea. They’ve served me well and still do. If I’m thinking of a gift as something I’d never really shell out the money to buy myself, it’d probably be for the stainless measuring spoons and measuring cups at Sur La Table. I wanna be fancy too!

Note: For something more colorful, try World Market for some really fun measuring sets!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven ($$$$$ — On sale for $170!)


Ok, Le Creuset is the mother of all gifts. The equivalent of the “Daisy Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time!”

Why I love it: Since my recent labs indicated I’m pretty (aluminum) toxic, I found the most likely source – scratched teflon & ceramic-coated cookware. I found Le Creuset to be toxin-free cookware that’s sturdy. Because it’s enameled cast iron, it IS heavy – but because it’s so solid, this is the stuff you can use forever and hand down to your kids. And yours kids’ kids. It’s pricey, though– While other brands’ enameled cast iron pieces may look/function similarly, they may not be able to guarantee the toxin-free status of their materials, so do your homework. I’ve emailed Le Creuset and been very happy with how responsive and knowledgeable they were about which specific colors were 100% toxin-free.

On sale now — The 3.5qt oval dutch oven is now $170.

Tip: You can find really good deals (for Le Creuset, at least) at LC outlets if you’re not color-picky about first-run colors. I hit the Carlsbad outlet store on a day they were doing 40% off the outlet store prices!

Anthro Apron ($34)

HOW many shirts I’ve ruined or stained when I would decide to pour/mix/stir something?? Countless!! There’s that inevitable splash and the aaarrrrrrrggghhhhhh!!!! that follows. Or if you’re a super messy eater – I feel ya too. These aprons from Anthropologie are incredibly cute and functional… No more grease stains on my running tech shirts!!

AIRA Glass Tea Infuser Tumbler ($25)

Now THIS is the product for the person on the go, and even if your’e not… I had no idea this was even a thing! A travel tumbler & infuser for loose leaf tea! Bonus: it’s glass, and since we’re now just finding out that BPA-free plastic is even more nasty than BPA itself, it’s back to basics. Just don’t drop it.

The Secret Garden Handcrafted Loose-Leaf Tea ($25 & $ Varies)

Tea!! This is Ben’s nightcap – he loves peppermint. And we know it’s a soothing substitute for sugary desserts when you’re eating Whole30! {I just discovered Harney & Sons Organic Peppermint – which is so fresh & minty it makes your tongue tingle!} We buy tea bags 99% of the time, but if we’re being fancy here, how ’bout that loose leaf stuff from a cool specialty shop as a gift??!!

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.48.28 PM

My mom and I visited an amazing little organic herb shop in an alley in San Luis Obispo (like a Bloomington, IN of the west coast) in October and found all sorts of spice mixes and flavors of teas & loose herbs for purchase. Loose leaf tea (and oil samplers, spice samplers, etc.) is the type of gift where even a little bit, with some variety, goes a long way. Check out The Secret Garden in SLO – their store is amazing and they sell online.

If you’re visiting SLO, and the owner sources from all over the world and creates all of the blends herself… I believe she’s an herbalist, and they carry all sorts of teas for any ailment you can think of — headaches/migraines, allergies, immune boost, clear mind, hormone balance… you name it. You can take a sample sniff of all of the tea and herb blends when you go in person. Love the chance to shop local for something so unique and handcrafted :)

Adding the glass tea infuser tumbler to some loose tea would make for a fun and thoughtful DIY gift set!

FarmCurious Fermenting Set (Set of 2 for $25)

I posted the Farm Curious fermenting set on Instagram last week and already loving it — making sauerkraut is so easy and so good for you! Don’t ever buy that store-bought junk again… all you need is 2-3 weeks, a jar, sea salt, and a shredded head of cabbage. That’s all you need to improve your gut health with some DIY probiotics (i.e. the good gut bugs)!

When I’m making kraut, I don’t always remember babysit & occasionally off-gas the CO2 that builds up while it’s fermenting. Result? The lid blows off and it’s a watery mess in your cabinet. This fermenting set by Farm Curious was a kickstarter that came to life – the company’s mission is to “educate, inspire and equip urban homesteaders with an interest in producing their own food, reducing their ecological footprint and eating seasonally and sustainably without abandoning their urban lifestyles.”


So there you have it – my wish list/gift guide. Any other cool gadgets or gift ideas for the Paleo & Whole30 foodie I should include on this list?

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