Some Things Sunday: Altra, Water, Paleo Tips, and New Goals

Well hi! It has been a LONG time since I last posted a Some Things Sunday! Here are some things you should know:


I’m an Altra Ambassador!! I’ve been promoting Altra for a really long time, since that first pair Brian Beckstead gave me at the Boston Marathon in 2011. Memories – That was two weeks after the company even launched! I get to post about Altra on social media, wear Altra to run (big fan of The One on roads and the Superior on trails!), and introduce people about the brand. I mean, I’ve already danced about it, so….

Ambassador 2015 Logo

I went to an Altra demo run with Ben at The Running Center in Temecula for their Thursday night group run (6pm)…. hands down, THE friendliest running group I’ve ever met. I tagged along with a runner/triathlete named Katie. She struck a cord with me when I commented on how friendly everybody was, and she replied, “I had no friends when I moved here, and it’s tough to meet people. I come every week to run but I also make a point to make new people feel welcome to this group.” How wonderful is she???


Also, so fun to visit with this guy (who we just saw at OR)! Toby got in a 6-miler, too!


We went to the beach for paddleboarding for the first time in the ocean, and it was awesome!! Yes, we’ve lived here over 1.5 years and this was our 2nd time to the beach. SUPing is way harder in the ocean than in Monroe Lake!

Spending some time at the beach also made us realize that we need to learn to surf. Maybe that’s next on the list….?


Speaking of water, we found some where it doesn’t belong – inside our house. (Oh by the way, we bought a house!) Actually, it started with a wall that was leaking which isn’t normal – and later discovered that it crept under the floors and inside the walls to the guest bathroom, two bedrooms, a hallway, and the garage wall. We lived for a day without running water in the house and it was…. weird.

Thousands of dollars later, here’s a scene in the bottom level of the house. The walls, baseboards, and carpet were cut away. The bathroom vanity and built-in cabinets couldn’t be salvaged.

FullSizeRender 13

Our neighbors tell us it’s the standard welcoming gift for our neighborhood — at least two of them had slab leaks (where the pipe in the home’s slab actually fails and leaks all over the place) within 2 months of moving in. CHEERS!


The Taste of Paleo was over in Fountain Valley last weekend. Loved it! Lots of companies were giving out food samples, and restaurants/chefs were in the house selling small plates of their signature dish for <$4. I’m working on this “food thing” right now with the food sensitivities I’ve developed so I didn’t partake, but it looked really yum!! Thinking I was in the clear, I did try some (mmkay, a *lot*) of the PaleoKrunch no-grain granola in the goodie bags. It was amazing. And then my face broke out for 3 days.

The event had speakers giving talks on various topics, and I sat in on two, which  was worthwhile – one was about optimizing digestion and gut bacteria for good health, and the other was a doctor who practices in holistic medicine for autoimmune, weight loss, and even patients with cancer.

Some things I learned/want to research more after listening to these talks:

  • Juicing might be a good way to get nutrients from fruits & vegetables into your system while reducing the stress of digesting, especially so when you’re sick (like autoimmune)
  • Slowing down to chew your food thoroughly goes a long way in improving digestion – no multitasking!
  • Ketogenic diets (to train your body to burn a higher mix of fat vs simple sugars/carbs on low calories) are not good if you have Hashimoto’s.
  • There are some solid resources and handouts on Dr. Ettinger’s website, especially the Paleo workbook — it outlines a lot of amazing amazing amazing resources, basic concepts, local and online sources for food, RECIPES, and SOMUCHMORE (free)! If you’re in the OC – and even if you’re not – he seems like a really compassionate doc with an awesomely holistic approach.



I had another update meeting with my wellness coach this week. (Remember her? We were focusing on stress reduction and more small steps towards healing Hashimoto’s.)

This time, I updated her on life and we set two new goals during our call:

1) Build arm strength by lifting at least 2x/week (stay active and gear up for when I’m able to run again), and

2) Practice mindful eating at least 5x/week. Nope, no more “working lunches.” Focus on eating. And Chewing. And put that phone down! I seriously can’t remember the last time I took an actual real lunch break. Any good tips for me on this one? I’d love to hear ‘em!

So. Arms. Anyone wanna buy pre-sale tickets to THE GUN SHOW???

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