Routine in ’15: Check-in #1

Ahh, the moment of truth – remember those 2015 goals? I haven’t forgotten them. Here’s my “weigh-in:”

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1) Reduce the amount of stress in my life.

  • Completed 2 out of 3 one-on-one wellness coaching sessions, which were actually really productive!
  • Finished 2 of 6 stress management online courses.
  • Scheduling massages around 2-3 times per month (as budget/time allows)
  • In my personal life and/or at work, I realized that I increase my stress level by volunteering for a lot of things (whether a 2-minute task or a 2-day task). I now consciously ask myself if it’s worth it when I recognize these moments, but that’s something I never used to do before!
  • I’ve delegated some existing volunteer activities to other people who have the time/interest to handle them.

2) Get more sleep.

  • To be honest, not doing much for this one yet. Lately I’ve been struggling with sleep – a lot, actually – and Ben’s new work schedule gets him home relatively late (and then dinner is late, going to sleep is late, etc.). We’re still working under conditions that are very temporary, so there’s some work to do.
  • Have you seen my Strava? It’s not that I haven’t uploaded my runs. I simply haven’t been running, partially because I haven’t been sleeping. No sleep = no run. Running tired is too much stress on the body!

3) Lurk Less.

  • Well, I did post (because I wanted to) Some Things and have a new post coming on stress reduction…
  • If this goal is conflicting with #1, Less Stress, I’m giving myself a pass to dump it. No one said I couldn’t change the rules partway through, right? :) What do you think?

4) Read More.

  • YOU GUYS. I’m killing it on this one… I got a new library card!
  • I finished two books! This is awesome and embarrassing – the books I’ve finished so far are in the kids section at the library: books 1 and 2 of The Hunger Games trilogy. So what? So good! I’m on book 3, Mockingjay. No spoilers!
  • I occasionally read a little bit before bed. It’s relaxing….. unless you’re on the second-to-last chapter of your book and want to know how it ends! (This is partially how/why I have not met goal #2. I stayed up late because I HAD to finish!)


In other news, Team Bartley kicked off the weekend with couples therapy – physical therapy!!

Then, we were conspirators in a marriage proposal on the beach…. sort of! As proof that nothing ever goes as planned, the beach was not only more windy than expected, but the unsuspecting girlfriend & (conspirator) friends were involved in a minor car crash en route to the proposal spot. It wasn’t their fault and no one was injured, but the whole plan and location had to be changed. Fortunately, the answer didn’t – she said yes! Congrats, Christian & Carly!

How was your weekend?

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