Gift Guide: For the Runner

For more miles and more smiles, here are a few gift ideas for your favorite runner.

What’s a perfect running gift? One that he or she might not otherwise buy for himself/herself! So being a little adventurous here is a fun, unexpected surprise (for most!). Of course, you can generally be safe with apparel or offer to fund a race registration.

These products are Bartley-tested and a little off the beaten path by way of gifts. If you want to know more, just ask!

Gift Guide - Runners

1. Gaiters ($20) – These survived a 100k easily – other brands didn’t. Fun designs and solids!

2. Electrolyte & Calorie Drink Mix ($11-$35)- Stomach-friendly calories and electrolytes for the long run, in one bottle.

3. Headlamp ($70) – I ran mine over with a car and and it still worked. Blindingly bright, optional top strap, blinking rear light, long-lasting rechargeable battery. {Review}

4. Body Disc ($87) – For the injury-prone to those who need high-mileage soft tissue maintenance. {Review}

5. Bun Toasters ($45) – Fact: Your butt gets cold when you run in wintry weather. A worthwhile investment! For the gentlmen: the wind boxer.

6. Gin Gins ($5) – Ginger + Candy. Everything is better (including an upset stomach) with candy.

7. Mini Foam Roller ($25) – Just pack a lacrosse ball and you’re ready to jet-set.

8. Mio Link Heart Rate Wristband ($99) – For those who don’t enjoy the chafing. {Review}

9. Arm Warmers ($25) – In anticipation of those warm-once-you-get-going short sleeve shirt days that are coming hopefully sooner rather than later. {RW reviews}


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