Welcome Our New Partner: The BodyDisc for Running Injury-Free

Hi friends! We’ve been teasing you on Instagram and Facebook for a while, but today are SO VERY excited to announce our new partner, The BodyDisc!

Any foam-rolling fans in the house?! If you answered yes and you’re anything like me, you won’t stop thinking about how it can help your injuries/aches/pains until you get one in hand.

Earlier this year, a running group friend told me about his buddy’s new product for working out soft tissue and self-massage. Having just gone through  frequent and pricey physical therapy sessions, I was intrigued… if I could achieve the same results without an office visit, I could be self-sufficient AND injury-free!

What is it?

The BodyDisc is a precision-crafted tool that promotes muscles and soft tissue health – allowing you to stop pain, increase range of motion, deactivate trigger points, and improve your athletic performance.

It’s the next step after foam rolling. Personally, there have been plenty of times when I could never quite get that spot with The Stick or foam roller.When I’m doing PT, I’m mostly healthy. Safely confirmed by my physical therapist, when you’re doing high mileage, little aches and pains are to be expected… even while you’re properly working on strength, mobility, and flexibility. She says: Those typical aches and pains can/should be managed. So what’s a runner to do??Enter The BodyDisc….

Why do we love you, BodyDisc?
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Well, a few reasons.

I can apply the right amount of pressure in precise spots (i.e. scar tissue & old injuries: inside lower leg, around a super old ankle sprain, etc.) I miss on my foam roller.

The BodyDisc has the perfect geometry and feel (read: doesn’t hurt!). Honestly, before I discovered the BodyDisc, I used a butter knife’s sharp and handle edge. And a spoon. They were both pretty painful. It just wasn’t the same.

The BodyDisc travels extremely well. I have a desk job, and when I’m sitting, I can work on certain areas even if I only have 2 minutes… or a two-hour conference call. It comes in a sweet bag. Oh, and no hassle from TSA through airport security (— tested)!

Doesn’t require extensive training to use. I loved physical therapy treatments like ASTYM (also commonly/similarly known as Grastin), but you have to go through comprehensive and expensive training to administer it – and it’s typically for medical/PT professionals anyway.

Costs a fraction of what other professional tools cost. ASTYM tools alone are $1,500 or more… And then you have to get trained on it, because you can’t just buy ‘em . So $85 for pain-free running? There are much, much worse things I’ve done with that type of money – but that’s another story for another day. :)

Anyone can use it. In fact, it’s in the hands of some bodybuilders, triathletes, runners, massage therapists, and strongmen now. But runners – oh, do we know aches and pains!

Shipping took just 2 days for me to have the product in-hand, sent from Florida to California. (Near) Instant gratification!

A Little Back Story

You guys, I want you to – virtually – meet Garrett McCormack. Garrett is an official nice guy, and the chief developer/creative genius behind The BodyDisc, which launched only in January (2014).


Basically, he gets it: minimalist running, trail running, and being active for life! My favorite line from him: “Biomechanics is so cool. I ran a small personal training/nutrition consulting studio for a few years and helping people move better was infinitely more rewarding than getting their scale weight down or bench press up.”

So what happens when you’ve got mad metalworking skills and an idea?

Prototypes. Lots and lots of prototypes, both the very complex, some with concavities, some with knobs… but through trial and error, Garrett told me, he discovered that the simple round shape, with a specific thickness, diameter, smooth edge, and grippable surface worked the best. It’s actually very beautiful, and can be used for so many techniques, such as Graston type manipulations to myofascial triggerpoint/release, to – my favorite – the hurts-so-good deep tissue massage after long runs.

I especially love that Garrett created this product from scratch, not just copying tools and designs that were already out there. It truly is an amazing tool – even in its manufacture. [Nerd alert: Manufacturing talk ahead… consider yourself warned.]

The BodyDisc is so unique: Each blank is created from an 18-foot long stick of 6061 aluminum, inserted into special jigs we designed/created, and then machined on both sides. It’s not quick! One of the toughest aspects of the process is that currently BodyDisc is offered with the machine-finish only, no tumbling or anodizing. There are practical and aesthetic reasons for this, but what does this mean? Every machining mark is visible, so there’s not much room for irregularities. Basically, you’re getting BodyDisc perfection.

Our Story

Garrett was kind enough to provide The BodyDisc to us to try out. I started using my BodyDisc in April, after moving to California and parting ways with my physical therapist. We were still not 100% done with working out the very old scar tissue from my 2010 ankle sprain, so it was causing all sorts of injuries up my right leg all the way to my hip.

At first, I was using the handle of a butter knife to try to smooth out the soft tissue, but not only was it painful/sharp, but it was way too hard to hold (Mama did teach me to never grab the blade end of a knife… oops.). The BodyDisc made a major difference in my ankle mobility even after 1-2 weeks! Applying different amounts of pressure and working on some of the hot-spots on my right leg, I noticed less pulling near my IT band/knee almost the next day. To maintain and prevent injuries, I use it now for loosening calves, and some on the IT band. I’ve even found it helps with the inner leg after a lot of climbing or calf cramping.Fast-forward a few months: I’ve got a half marathon finish under my belt and NO PAIN!


Ben has been using the BodyDisc for weeks now. You’ll usually see him with the BodyDisc parked next to him as he rolls, ices, and “BodyDiscs” in the evenings.

Both of us have knocked back some 100+ mile weeks lately, so  this is now a common routine in our house… We’ve been really impressed with this tool for injury maintenance and prevention, so thank you Garrett & The BodyDisc for letting us try your new product!

How can you get your hands on The BodyDisc?

  1. Buy online and get the answers to your burning questions at bodydisc.com
  2. Or, visit Facebook facebook.com/bodydisc
  3. If you love researching stuff like Ben does, then check out The BodyDisc’s YouTube channel on how to use: BodyDisc – Treat Muscle Pain, Boost Performance



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3 thoughts on “Welcome Our New Partner: The BodyDisc for Running Injury-Free

  1. Kati
    August 4, 2014 at 2:03 am

    This sounds like a great tool! I’m currently in PT for some issues with my left leg and this sounds the perfect fit for the days I’m not at PT. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Steph
      August 4, 2014 at 2:12 am

      Hi Kati! Oh no — it sounds like you’re in the same “no pain, no gain” boat as me… I hope this helps, and good luck rehabbin’! :)

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