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Bartleys Run has a new look!Since I’m taking a drastic down week from running, I suddenly have so much free time to nerd out on my computer. As you’ve probably noticed, I took this opportunity to update the design and images on Bartleys Run to be a little bit more… us.

Not gonna lie, I laughed hysterically the entire time I spent making the little Todd silhouette in the green tag. I had fun doing it! I’m extremely new to learning Photoshop, so there will be plenty more tweaks to this blog as time allows.

What do you think of the new look? How can I add/change things to make this blog easy to read?

In other news about new stuff, I picked up a Zeo (Sleep Manager) at Ben’s request this week while working up in Indy. This product asks the question: How much does a better night’s sleep cost? $99 + tax, to be exact.

This little gadget is, in three words, night time headgear. The Zeo headband tracks your brain waves (?) and tracks data on your sleep patterns, uploading it via Bluetooth to your cell phone while you sleep. Have you ever woken up and felt like you were dragging as soon as you got out of bed? Zeo and Sleep Cycle are both designed to analyze your sleep patterns and wake you during your lightest sleep phase — so they claim. When you do wake up, you’re greeted with a pretty little graph and assessment of how long you spent in light, REM, and deep sleep.

There’s a lot more to this thing, but since it’s less than a week old, it’ll still take some time to figure out what this thing is capable of and how useful it is to Ben for improving his sleep habits. [There’s some irony in this as I’m writing at 2:44am while he’s sitting next to me.] And since RF radiation and similar exposures are starting to come to the forefront, part of me wonders if this is really such a great idea – strapping EM waves to your head while your body’s recharging, all while your cell is sitting just feet from your head.

You can try a lower-tech, non-headband version of this tech tool with the Sleep Cycle app on the iPhone. I’ve heard rave reviews, but have an Android phone and no way to try it out. I’m definitely curious to see if the results are similar!

Meanwhile, Ben’s doing the testing on this gadget. I will definitely snap a photo once he’s strapped up. :)
It may take months before we figure out the perfect mix of good-sleep variables, so stay tuned, and good night!
Is this nuts or cool? Have you used the Sleep Cycle app? I want to know, so leave a comment!
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